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La GIZ, Deutsche Gesellschaftfür Internationale Zusammenarbeit, est une entreprise de la coopération internationale pour le développement durable qui opère sur tous les continents. Elle propose des solutions d’avenir pour le développement politique, économique, écologique et social dans un monde globalisé. Dans des conditions parfois difficiles, la GIZ soutient des processus complexes de changement et de réforme. Son objectif principal est d’améliorer durablement les conditions de vie des populations dans les pays de coopération.

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Head of component for the program to strengthen police structures in selected partner countries in Africa

Location: Yaoundé , Cameroon
Application Deadline: 25/08/2019 23:59

The GIZ ‘program to strengthen police structures in selected partner countries in Africa’ supports the Cameroonian police in strengthening their capacity to professionally investigate criminal offences and comply with legal requirements. Organizational and procedural regulations are being drawn up and criminal police officers are being trained so that the number of completed investigations can increase. The current cooperation between the police and other actors in the criminal justice chain is to be analyzed in order to improve it, for example through exchange and cooperation meetings or the drafting of standard operating procedures. Furthermore, the internal police complaint mechanism against police misconduct is to be strengthened through digitization and efficient handling of complaints.

For fulldetails about the vacancy Head of component for the program to strengthen police structures in selected partner countries in Africa, kindly follow the link. 


Advisor on peace-oriented media work in eastern Congo

Location: Bukavu, Congo, Democratic Republic of
Application Contact: ()
Application Deadline: 15/07/2019 12:00

The project advises civil society organisations in eastern Congo on using media work (radio, new media) to foster non-violent conflict resolution and gender equality. The aim is to help change the climate of violence that has prevailed in the region for the past two decades and to prepare the ground for peaceful societal development. This vacancy is therefore strongly integrated into the activities with civil society organisations carried out by the Supporting Peace and Stability in Eastern Congo project, of which media work is just one part.

For full access to the vacancy, Advisor on peace-oriented media work in eastern Congo, kindly follow the link.


Head of the project "Strengthening Criminal Investigative Capacities" – Pakistan

Period: 01/03/2019 to 28/02/2021
Application Deadline: 18/11/2018 23:59

The project addresses capacity gaps of the Pakistani judicial and law enforcement agencies in investigating and solving criminal offences on the basis of evidence. It also addresses the long duration of remand detention and modes of handling perpetrators and victims involved, especially women, children and youth.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the institutional and human capacities of relevant actors in the criminal investigation chain (police investigation service, public prosecutor’s office, judiciary) in the areas of preservation and collection of evidence as well as in strategic planning and coordination aimed at better fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities.


  • University degree in law, political science, administrative sciences, criminology or similar
  • Serveral years of relevant professional experience
  • Experience in complex advisory contexts
  • Experience in highly politically sensitive areas and in dealing with high level partners and donors

For more information on the position Head of the project "Strengthening Criminal Investigative Capacities" – Pakistan, or to apply, please follow the link.


Policy and Research Papers

Rethinking Timorese Identity as a Peacebuilding Strategy: The Lorosa’e – Loromonu Conflict from a Traditional Perspective

Since 2006 East Timor has been faced with a crisis of internal conflict. A deepening regional and social division has become tangible for the first time since independence. This conflict or division was defined by animosities, distrust and eventually street fights between people considered to be either of Lorosa’e (Eastern) or Loromonu (Western) region and background. Violence erupted out of widespread perceptions that discrimination against such regional groupings permeated state institutions, particularly in the security sector. From here unrest spread and led to the large-scale displacement of parts of the population that is still ongoing. The most significant damage caused by this crisis was to the internal relationships that had until then bound the country together. This article is an attempt to analyse the impact of the government-sponsored dialogue and peace-making initiatives by international actors present in East Timor on the root causes underlying the eruption of violence. 

To access the entire conference report Rethinking Timorese Identity as a Peacebuilding Strategy: The Lorosa’e – Loromonu Conflict from a Traditional Perspective , kindly click on the link.