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Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist - UNICEF

Location: Bamako, Mali
Application Deadline: 18/07/2018 12:00

UNICEF Mali is working in regions that lack basic social services and have been affected by political instability. We are also supporting the government in improving child survival, development, and protection. Our work focuses on strengthening community resilience, building capacity, and advocating equitable policy. We are working with partners to improve health, nutrition, WASH access, and education. 


To ensure that the UNICEF Country Office has useful, valid and reliable information on

  • the situation of children’s and women’s rights;
  • the performance of UNICEF-supported programmes including their relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability, and in emergency contexts, their coverage, coordination and coherence.

To work within the UN country team to support UNCT goals for delivering valid and reliable information on the attainment of the MDGs and other goals, and on the performance of UN-supported programmes.

To assist in the establishment of a monitoring an evaluation tools which enhance partnership between the UNCT, government and other key players to collectively track progress on MDGs and other international commitment for children.

To assist in the development of national capacities for monitoring, evaluation and research, with special attention to the interest, concern and participation of government, community, and civil society stakeholders.   

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Policy and Research Papers

Children’s Equitable Access to Justice: Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Focusing on Albania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Montenegro, Children’s Equitable Access to Justice: Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (hereafter Children’s Equitable Access to Justice) provides insights from children, their families and justice sector professionals on why children become involved in justice systems, where children go to seek justice, the main obstacles they face in the process and whether justice procedures are child-sensitive.

For full access to the report on Children’s Equitable Access to Justice: Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, please follow the link.