Professional Development and Training

ISSAT supports the conduct of training  and professional development as a core instrument to strengthen capacity and awareness on security and justice reform for personnel in the field and at headquarters. 


We provide face-to-face and virtual trainings on security & justice Governance and Reform, SSG/R and Preventing Violent Extremism, Effective Advising Skills, RBM for Peacebuilding, Security and Development.These use problem-solving approaches, guidance, tools, and examples from the field to develop practitioners’ knowledge and skills.

Our training portfolio can be accessed HERE and our public e-learning resources HERE.

Strengthening Systems 

We provide support to developing robust systems for international deployment of Security & Justice advisors. Examples of this include reviewing the Netherland’s Civilian Mission Expert Pool; providing an overview of the selection, professional development and preparation of EU Member State’s civilian experts deployed to EU missions. ISSAT provides concrete recommendations for improvements; and undertakes a full SSR training requirement analysis.

If you are interested in any of the above please get in touch through:

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