Alex Walsh

Programme Manager

Alex Walsh is a Programme Manager in ISSAT. He works on Advisory Field Support and the Knowledge and Outreach portfolio.

Alex was drawn into SSR after completing graduate research in Egypt in the period 2011-2014. Since this period, he has worked in British SSR, stabilization and peacebuilding missions in Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia and Syria, with particular reference to police reform, community policing and state-civil society engagement. His core skill set centres on facilitation, research, conflict mapping, assessment and evaluation. His previous role was in the DCAF Tunis office, engaged with security and the media and he has worked as an independent consultant to international development organizations.

Alex’s Challiot paper on policing in the Arab World is published with the European Union Institute of Security Studies in August 2020. He also publishes on security and politics with Arab Reform Initiative and Middle East Institute.

Alex has an MPhil and MA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Cambridge, where his focus was on political Islam. Alex speaks English, Levantine Arabic and French.