Jelena Milić

Jelena  Milić

Jelena Milić is among the most influential political analysts in Serbia and the region of the Western Balkans. She was a co-worker of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of SCG and Serbia,Goran Svilanović, during his mandate in the Stability Pact for South East Europe Department for Democracy and Human Rights. Previously she worked as a political analyst and researcher for the International Crisis Group and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia.
She is a member of the Forum for International Relations, an invitation only think tank, set up by the European Movement in Serbia. She maintains an OP/ED column in a leading Serbian daily newspaper Danas, and a blog on BlicOnline, the most frequently visited online portal in Serbia, and Al Jazeera Balkans.
She is a frequent speaker at international conferences dealing with South East Europe, Western Balkans and transitional justice.
She was awarded a short internship with prestigious Paris based think-tank CERI of the Science Po University by the European Commission. She is, among other, author of the essay The Elephant in the Room: Incomplete Security Sector Reform in Serbia and its Consequences for Serbian Domestic and Foreign Policies, published in: Unfinished Business: The Western Balkans and the International Community (2012) by Džihid, Vedran and Hamilton, Daniel, eds., published by the Center for Transatlantic Relations Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University' in Washington DC.
Her areas of expertise are: Serbian security sector reform; Serbia – EU relations; Serbia - NATO relations; Kosovo; links between non-violent regime changes, transitional justice and security sector reforms.

Policy and Research Papers

In a Snake's Nest

Foreword by CEAS Director Jelena Milić to the second issue of the CEAS quarterly The New Century, on the first hundred days of the new Serbian Government


The Terror-Stricken Will

Foreword by CEAS Director Jelena Milić to the third issue of the CEAS quarterly The New Century .


Why a public debate on Serbia’s NATO membership is needed

Foreword by CEAS Director Jelena Milić to the fourth issue of the CEAS quarterly The New Century .