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Fourteen rules for advisors in Iraq

Inspired by Lawrence and, especially, the work of Gertrude Bell, Ricklef has written the following points, which bring together his experiences of workingwith Iraqis over two deployments since 2005. It is not intended to advance the notion of cultural determinism – many of the individuals you meet in Iraq will defy many of the examples below, as individuals do in all cultures – but it is intended to provide examples of some of the chief culturaldifferences between Iraqi and Coalition culture and thus a few jumping off points for the advisor as he begins his work in an Iraqi Government office, a Provincial Reconstruction Team or Military Transition Team. 
As the Coalition presence in Iraq increasingly moves away from a warfighting role, the advisory role will become more important. Although the article is based on Iraq, it might be relevant and useful for those serving in other parts of the world. 

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