European Judicial Systems

This new Edition of the CEPEJ report on the functioning of the judicial systems of the Council of Europe’s member states remains in line with the process carried out by our Commission since 2002. Relying on a methodology which has already proven itself, widely acknowledged by the European legal community, this unique study has been conceived above all as a tool for public policy aimed at improving the efficiency and the quality of justice. To have the knowledge in order to be able to understand, analyse and reform, such is  the objective of the CEPEJ which has drafted this report, intended for policy makers, legal practitioners, researchers as well as for those who are interested in the functioning of justice in Europe. Through the scheme developed by the CEPEJ and aimed at examining a judicial system (this scheme has been refined on the basis of the experience from the previous evaluation cycles), thousands of quantitative and qualitative data have been collected, processed and analysed. The CEPEJ has tried to draw some main European trends and conclusions regarding the application of the fundamental principles and European standards in the field of justice.