Understanding Military Justice

The bilingual toolkit contains a number of booklets in English and Arabic that provide norms and standards, guidebooks as well as practical examples of model laws in various areas of security sector legislation.
The following series have been published or are being processed:

• Police legislation
• Intelligence legislation
• Military Justice legislation
• Status of Forces Agreements

Additional series will be added as the needs arise. The existing series can easily be expanded through the addition of new booklets, based on demandfrom the Arab region. The toolkit seeks to assist lawmakers in the Arab region in responding to citizens’ expectations. Arab citizens demand professional service from police and security forces, which should be effective, efficient and responsive to their needs. They want police and security organisations and their members to abide by the law and human right norms and to be accountable for their performance and conduct. The toolkit thus promotes international standards in security sector legislation, such as democratic oversight, good governance and transparency. 

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