Bangsamoro Conflict Monitoring System

bangsmoro monitoring tool

International Alert,with support from the World Bank, has launched a platform for monitoring and analyzing conflicts in the Bangsamoro, the area encompassed by Muslim Mindanao. It consists of a database to help inform development policies and programs in conflict-affected areas:

"Comprehensive data about conflicts in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao is now available to anyone with a computer or a mobile device with the launch of the Bangsamoro Conflict Monitoring System (BCMS) website.

The number and kinds of conflicts, where these took place, their causes and costs, and the implications these have on policy can now be accessed at

Making timely and credible data on conflicts readily available to policymakers, development workers, researchers, academics, media and the general public is expected to inform interventions and development programs and policies for Muslim Mindanao, while nurturing vigilance against the occurrence or recurrence of violent disputes.
BCMS users can explore the available data, generate the information they need, produce reports and download these together with visuals."

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