Migration and Justice & Security Reform Infographic

This ISSAT infographic visually underscores the distinction between refugees, forced displacement and migration, with an emphasis on the scale of these migratory flows. It also draws attention to the existing policy frameworks and lists a selection of good practice examples on Justice and Security responses to forced displacement and migration. 

The last decade has seen a significant rise in the global refugee flows, mainly as a result of intra-state conflicts. This increase has a global impact. Although the majority of migration flows is from South to South, the recent refugee flow into Europe received high attention in the media and the international community. The public discourse crafted by the media portrayed a false notion of "migrant invasion" that is not supported by data on migration. 

With this infographic and other associated tools, DCAF-ISSAT aims to keeps abreast with developments in the migration and forced displacement discourse. Visit our Thematics in Practice page on Migration and JSSR to access other Knowledge Products, resources, good practice examples and challenges for the international community. 


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