Interview with Lamine Cissé

In 2013, DCAF - ISSAT had interviewed Lamine Cissé, Strategic SSR Advisor to ISSAT, where he outlined critical aspects of  Security Sector Reform (SSR) and justice reform in Guinea. A short video has been prepared with excerpts from this interview, as a tribute to Mr. Cissé, who passed away in April 2019. 

General Lamine Cissé, from Senegal, has held a number of strategic positions at the national and international level. He culminated his military career in the position of Chief of Defence Staff. This was followed by his appointment as Minister of Interior and a series of International appointments which included the post of Head of Mission for the UN mission in the Central African Republic and Head of the United Nations Office for Western Africa. More recently, he led an SSR assessment mission for ECOWAS in Guinea.



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