Towards the next UK Defence and Security Review 2015

Towards the next UK Defence and Security Review 2015

The following 80 minute video is a recording of the evidence given by

  • Professor Paul Cornish
  • Commodore Stephen Jermy, and
  • Frank Ledwidge

at a meeting by the UK House of Common's Defence Committee regarding revisions to the next UK strategic defence and security review (SDSR) due in 2015. Whilst the concept of Security Sector Reform is not mentioned throughout the entire discussion, the content of the discussion is Security Sector Reform in action, when institutions of governance consult with civil society on how to reform an element of the security sector (defence) in the light of its relationship to other contributors to security (foreign policy, education of military leaders, etc).

The meeting took place in the Wilson Room of the House of Commons on Tuesday 4 June at 2.40pm, and ended at 4pm.

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