ZPSP - Knowledge

In the Context of the ZPSP

ZPSP’s approach is rooted in the use of knowledge products and training as enabling platforms for SST. The capacity of the programme is geared to build capacity of its stakeholders. ZPSP established an informed dialogue on SST that has empowered stakeholders of the process. Capacity building is also a long-term investment in SST from within. 

Definition - Knowledge-based capacity-building

Processes and programmes that develop capacities and skill-sets that allows implementing countries to engage in independent development. Capacity-building can empower both individuals and institutions. Capacity building is closely related to national ownership, and both should run in a virtuous circle: capacity is a precondition for ownership, while enhanced ownership strengthens the capacity development process. Beyond – and prior to – institutional capacity building, knowledge and training are crucial entry points for all different actors to understand the security sector.