International Police Advisors Masterclass

Canada, Netherlands, Norway , UK mandate in Canada, Netherlands, Norway , UK 15.08.2018. - 30.11.2018.

The programme will be run from 29th October to 9th November 2018. The aim is to enhance participants’ effectiveness in the role of senior strategic police advisor to international police reform initiatives, through exposure to experienced actors in the field of police reform or security sector reform. The Masterclass programme uses case study methodology to enable participants to consider alternative perspectives in a variety of international police settings. The Masterclass also lays the foundation for active participation in a peer group community of practice that will help develop the field and offer a continuing source of professional support.

In addition, DCAF ISSAT will attend the Police Master class executive board meeting in Scotland on 9 November 2018 to review the future development of the Police Masteclass. 


SSR and Violent Extremism Training Course development project

The objective of the mandate is to develop and run a face-to-face training course on SSR and VE in French and in English, with the expectation that these would then be run on a yearly basis (one of each), potentially in field locations in order to maximise their accessibility for practitioners. 

The anticipated outcomes of the development and delivery of the SSR and VE trainings are:

  1. 1.         Enhanced implementation of VE-related activities within broader SSR contexts;
  2. 2.         Enhanced understanding, competence and effectiveness of staff engaged in wider VE-related and SSR-related programming;
  3. 3.         Personnel more effectively able to engage with local, national, regional and international actors and relevant good practice in supporting SSR and VE-related SSR activities;
  4. 4.         Contribution to a coherent and operationally focused continuous professional development approach for military, police and civilian personnel engaged in SSR and VE-related activity;

In practical terms, increasing the capacity and capability of relevant staff in these fields, will improve the quality and relevance of specialist SSR training, which in turn will lead to more effective technical programming, support and implementation of preventative programmes in region. 


Training on Justice and Security Sector Reform

Norway mandate in Norway 19.10.2015. - 23.10.2015.

The training will bring together approximately 40-45 participants representing the Norwegian criminal justice chain, as well as new and experienced experts, including police officers. Participants and speakers from other Norwegian agencies and ministries such as the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also be invited.

The primary focus of the training will be the criminal justice chain, including police and justice reform and their linkages to other processes. Key topics covered during this training will include the fundamentals of the Justice and Security Sector Reform (JSSR), the adoption of a gender-sensitive approach to JSSR, JSSR programming and effective advising.


Concrete case studies and interactive co-learning methodologies that encourage participants to share their own experiences will be used throughout the course.


SSR today and Norway's role in the international arena

Norway mandate in Norway 26.02.2015. - 26.02.2015.

ISSAT supported Norway to get an update on the status, trends, challenges and opportunities in international SSR and through a common understanding facilitate the SSR-work cross government. The seminar contributed to the follow up of the document "Framework and guidelines for Norway's SSR-efforts" developed in 2014.


Police Master Class 2014

Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Norway , UK mandate in Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Norway , UK 29.09.2014. - 10.10.2014.

In 2010, at the request of the Netherlands, ISSAT was asked to support a group of four police academies to develop a two week training course, targeting mainly (senior) law enforcement officials. The aim of the course is to train these officers on the issues around police reform within an SSR and post-conflict context, and to prepare them to act as police reform advisors within multilateral mission or bilateral support programmes.

The programme is a joint endeavour chaired by the Netherlands in conjunction with Norway,Canada and the UK. ISSAT was mandated to provide advisory support as well as its current SSR training materials, and to present a module on looking at police reform through an SSR lens. The first course was piloted in September 2011, and a second course took place in 2012, both at Bramshill in the UK. The Third course was hosted in 2013 by the Swiss at Stans, and this year’s Master Class will be hosted by the Norwegians in Stavern, Norway.