Facilitate UNHCR workshop on Rule of Law

21/11/2016 - 22/11/2016

Target country


In its ambition to pursue solutions for refugees and other people of concern (PoC), the UNHCR recognises that it must have an understanding of the legal contexts in which it operates and how these legal contexts and the presence or absence of rule of law can influence that solutions may be available to UNCHR PoC, how and where. A forthcoming workshop will focus on these matters. The facilitator, with this type of expertise, will guide participants through a process of analysis to articulate the impact of rule of law on achieving solutions.

Target organisation type(s)

Mandate outputs / products

UNHCR field, regional and global plans and programmes will reflect inclusion of rule of law analyses and associated actions.

Outcome objectives of mandate

Workshop participants leave with a sound understanding of how to undertake an analysis of their legal contexts in which they operate, including where PoC are and where they may go. 

By developing such skills, UNHCR's programming will be enhanced - with an emphasis on sustainable solutions; moving from vertical, issue-based approaches to integrated approaches to protection and solutions.

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Specific Lessons Identified