Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme (ZPSP) - Lesson Learning - Assessing and documenting

01/02/2015 - 01/08/2015

Target country


Notwithstanding the fragile political environment, the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme (ZPSP) was designed and implemented on behalf of the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Trust (ZPST), a legally constituted and Zimbabwean owned and driven organisation. It aimed to contribute, through impartial and professional technical assistance, to the effective and sustainable modernisation and transformation of the security sector in Zimbabwe.  Its ability to engage in dialogue a wide variety of SSR stakeholders, and the thus far political sustainability of the programme deserve being understood, given the extremely adverse environment in which this took place.  Such an exercise would imply documenting the trajectory of the ZPSP with a view to identifying lessons and mapping potential good practice, which is still greatly absent from the growing academic and policy production on SSR experiences in Africa.

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Mandate outputs / products

- Country Profile with specific SSR information

- Concise evaluation of the ZPSP mapping activities, results and impact.

- Journalistic Research Report (text and video)

- Short and concise document providing feedback to the ZPSP on the basis of the interviews carried out

- Blog focusing on good practice in building political consensus for SSR in political adverse contexts.

Outcome objectives of mandate

Assessing results and impact of the ZPSP, describing its strategies and modus operandi and identifying good practices.

Start date


End date




Explore lessons identified by the ISSAT mission with the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme (ZPSP), as part of a webpage dedicated to the programme. The lessons are organised broadly on process and on programme management.

Specific Lessons Identified