Training material for female military personnel

18/02/2019 @ 16:26
by Eren Özalay-Sanli

Dear members of the community of practice,

We are collating information on specific trainings, training material, practical tools that have been designed for female military personnel and would like to reach out to you with various institutional expertise to broaden the scope of our examples.  

DCAF's Teaching Gender in the Military is now a classic and the most recent Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations BASELINE STUDY are first resources that come to mind.

Share other resources or actual trainings come to your mind with us!

Do not hesitate to share the link of this forum post with colleagues or those who you think might be interested on twitter, or via email. 

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19/02/2019 @ 14:49
by Herve Auffret

Dear Eren,

Over the past years, the UN made a lot of progress in terms of promoting more women in Military Peacekeepers. In a London summit of Defence Ministers in 2015, Member States decided to set 15% as an objctive for women representation Peacekeeping mission Force HeadQuarters and among military observers. In the UNHQ, the  Office of Military Affairs in DPO (Department of Peaceoperations) and the Integrated training Service (Division Policy Evalaution and Training), have been working on some training materials to be used by Troop and Police Contributing Countries. The intent was to raise awareness of the operational value of having more women ni the troops deployed in the field but also to better prepare women when engaging as military peacekeepers in Peacekeeping Operations. IN

 In the Office of Military Affairs, a dedicated gender Advisor has been nominated in charge of steering the Gender agenda (mainstream gender in military policy and doctrine, work on dedicated training materials).

A policy on "Gender Responsive United Nations Peacekeeping Operations" has been released in February 2018. Amongst othe rpoints, this policy states:

1) All senior management at headquarters and missions shall undertake requisite training and have skills to provide necessary guidance for the implementation of gender equality and WPS mandates.
2) All senior management at Headquarters and missions shall ensure that personnel have the requisite skills to implement gender equality and WPS mandates within their respective sections and units.
3) Uniformed and civilian trainers with appropriate levels of expertise shall deliver training to peacekeepers on gender equality and WPS to enhance the operationalization of the gender equality and the WPS mandates.
4) The Integrated Training Service (ITS) and Integrated Mission Training Centre (IMTC) shall strive to ensure that all training packages, modules and resource materials integrate gender equality and WPS mandate deliverables.
5) ITS and IMTCs' shall strive to guarantee that a gender balance of 50/50 women to men shall be promoted in all trainings and that gender expertise is sought to support delivery of gender equality and WPS specific modules.

Hope this is useful.

Best regards


07/03/2019 @ 12:06
by Thammy Evans

The UN website also hosts a specific resource page for female peacekeepers. The Facebook group: “UN Female Military Peacekeepers Network” mentioned there might be a place to ask for further information pertaining to this question.

The following courses are available:

UK brought out its Joint Service Publication on Human Security in Military Operations in January 2019, which is mostly in this first rendition about Women, Peace and Security and Gender.

UK has also been the first to bring out a Modern Slavery Act (2015), and is pursuing an operational risk mitigation tool under Project Solebay with Trilateral Research, which has considerable implications for human trafficking and the enslavement of women, men, boys and girls.