Ministry of Justice, Government of Afghanistan (MOJ)

The Ministry of Justice (the “MOJ”) is the central institution in the executive branch of Afghanistan’s government for upholding the rule of law. It is responsible for much of the government’s judicial affairs and often serves as a primary link between the Afghan people and the court system of the country. It also serves as a conduit between line ministries wanting draft laws passed and the Council of Ministers (“COM”), which is tasked with promulgating such laws. The MOJ functions in a number of areas, including policy formulation, regulation, performance-monitoring, supervision and coordination, as well as in delivering legal services and support to others in the government and the public.

Telephone: +93 202 104 336
Ministry of Justice Charayee Pashtoonistan, Foroushgah,
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Policy and Research Papers

Justice for All A Comprehensive Needs Analysis for Justice in Afghanistan

This paper aims to provide
• a high-level analysis of what needs to be done over the next 12 years to build and maintain a minimally functional justice system in Afghanistan
• a preliminary forecast of what it would cost to fill its gaps
• an analysis of current gaps in programming and funding