Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO)

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Peacebuilding Fund SSR Thematic Review

UN mandate in UN 11.02.2012. - 23.02.2012.

The peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO) sought ISSAT’s support in this multi-partner study on SSR and peacebuilding to maximize the outcomes and impacts of this study for the UN system.

Support requested was for one advisor to:

  • Help develop a research methodology
  • Undertake one desk review (Burundi) and one field review (Liberia)
  • Provide practical recommendations on how existing challenges might be overcome and how capacities of the UN can strengthened to better respond to its mandate in ensuring that SSR contributes effectively to peacebuilding

Additional support was provided through reviewing the various outcomes and reports.

This “SSR thematic review” was part of a series of United Nations multi-partner studies examining different thematic areas of peacebuilding, and the impact that support from the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) has had on these areas. The studies will contribute to PBSO’s mandate as defined in the founding resolutions, which asks PBSO to identify “best practices with respect to cross-cutting peacebuilding issues”. This role has been given further shape and clarity by the Policy Committee and in the more recent reviews of the Peacebuilding Architecture and the PBF, which have collectively stressed the need to develop knowledge products in partnership with and for the benefit of the UN System as a whole. 

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