Politihøgskolen (PHS)

The Norwegian Police University College (Norwegian: Politihøgskolen; PHS) is a public university college located in Oslo, Kongsvinger, Stavern and Bodø, Norway. It offers education for the police force of Norway, including a three-year basic education and a possible expansion with a Master's degree. 720 students are accepted at the Bachelor level each year. The university college also conducts research in relevant areas including law, police science, criminology, psychology and sociology. Unlike other public colleges, it is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Police. The school dates back to the organized education of the police force in Oslo in 1889, but was created as a separate school in 1920. It was called The State Police School and had the status of etatsskole (agency school) until 1992, when it was organized as a university college. The campus at Mørkved in Bodø supplemented the one at Majorstuen in Oslo in 1997. It received a full accreditation as a university college (høgskole) in 2004 (from 1992 to 2004, it only had accreditation for its programmes, not a full institutional accreditation). In 2010 there was a total of 3220 applicants, 720 of whom were accepted. 35 per cent of the students accepted in 2010 were women. More than 1000 employees in the Police Service undergo further and continuing education at the university college each year.

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The Norwegian Police University College
Postboks 5027, Majorstua
0301 Oslo
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Police Master Class 2014

Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Norway , UK mandate in Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Norway , UK 29.09.2014. - 10.10.2014.

In 2010, at the request of the Netherlands, ISSAT was asked to support a group of four police academies to develop a two week training course, targeting mainly (senior) law enforcement officials. The aim of the course is to train these officers on the issues around police reform within an SSR and post-conflict context, and to prepare them to act as police reform advisors within multilateral mission or bilateral support programmes.

The programme is a joint endeavour chaired by the Netherlands in conjunction with Norway,Canada and the UK. ISSAT was mandated to provide advisory support as well as its current SSR training materials, and to present a module on looking at police reform through an SSR lens. The first course was piloted in September 2011, and a second course took place in 2012, both at Bramshill in the UK. The Third course was hosted in 2013 by the Swiss at Stans, and this year’s Master Class will be hosted by the Norwegians in Stavern, Norway.

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