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Executive Coordinator

Location: New York City , USA
Application Deadline: 01.07.2018. 11:59

The Executive Coordinator will have both internal and external facing responsibilities, ranging from day to day operations and management of a small office, to representation of the NGO Working Group (“NGOWG”) on Women, Peace and Security (“WPS”) to advance its agenda within the UN community in New York. Externally, the NGOWG Coordinator will establish and maintain relationships with key UN entities, Member State representatives to the UN and civil society partners outside the NGO WG, both in New York and at country level. The Executive Coordinator will work closely with NGOWG members to ensure that messages and activities are strategic and reflect NGOWG members’ strategies, objectives and decisions, and that advocacy undertaken as well as any outcomes generated by such activities is reported back to the group in a timely, transparent and regular fashion. The Executive Coordinator will maintain the NGOWG’s position as an acknowledged leader and expert on a wide range of issues under the Women, Peace and Security umbrella.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Manage coordination of the NGOWG, including facilitating regular NGOWG meetings, as well as key meetings held with external contacts, and any other meetings as requested by the NGOWG.
  • Facilitation of the formation of common policy positions and advocacy strategies among the NGOWG member organizations.
  • In collaboration with NGOWG members, organize internal strategic planning and annual work plan development, including holding an annual strategic planning meeting, and coordinating follow-up to that meeting, including reporting at least biannually to NGOWG members and the Advisory Board on resulting actions.

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Policy and Research Papers

Roundtable on Security Sector Expenditure Reviews; Nairobi, Kenya 1 October 2012

On 1 October 2012 the roundtable on Security Sector Expenditure Reviews, hosted by the World Bank Global Centre on Conflict, Security and Development in Nairobi, Kenya and organised in partnership with DCAF’s International Security Sector Advisory Team, brought together economists and Security Sector Reform (SSR) practitioners and experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities for supporting the conduct of expenditure reviews and enhancing financial management in the security sector. 

The roundtable considered past and ongoing security sector expenditure reviews, in particular in Afghanistan and Liberia.  It sought to examine the challenges, trends and prospects of including similar reviews in other post-conflict countries.  It also provided a platform for economists and SSR practitioners to discuss how they can better collaborate to promote and enhance security sector expenditure review processes.  In addition, the roundtable included discussions on how such expenditure reviews can enhance ongoing SSR efforts and how to ensure that financial management becomes more integrated in SSR processes.