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Evaluation of the Results of National Police Capacity-Building in Haiti, Côte d’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of the Congo by United Nations P...

Considered against the many deficits affecting national police forces when MINUSTAH,
UNOCI and MONUC/MONUSCO were mandated, the missions’ police components have
made plausible contributions to capacity-building. But for the United Nations to be more
effective requires the Security Council to support longer-term capacity-building with
adequate resources; an engaged and solution-oriented United Nations Headquarters providing
meaningful guidance to the field; missions throwing their weight behind inherent political
and practical challenges; and for Member States to provide better qualified police officers. This report identifies recurring issues across all three missions. 

To read the Minutes of the meeting of the Security Council, and the statements of the representatives from the delegations, kindly follow the link.

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