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Inclusive Transitions Framework | Institute for Integrated Transitions

Based on two years of research, interviews, and expert workshops, this publication outlines a new conceptual and operational framework aimed at improving outcomes in fragile and conflict-affected states transitioning out of conflict or repression by zeroing in on inclusiveness as a guiding principle.

Transitions are critical junctures in which these states have an important chance to break with cycles of conflict and repression. To help make the most of the opportunity, while managing the tensions and divisions that a transition inevitably brings to the fore, the publication offers practical ideas for leaders at all levels of society to strengthen social cohesion, equality, and a sense of common nationhood.
 Recognising the great differences across countries and transitional contexts, the publication is not a “how-to guide” but instead a framework to be drawn upon and applied differently in different times and places. It offers detailed analysis and practical advice on inclusive policy-making in 10 priority areas: Political Dialogue Processes; Nation-Building Programs; Institutional Design; Elections and Political Party Development; Transitional Justice; Rule of Law; Security; Education; Economic Growth; and Taxation and the Administration of Public Resources.

The full publication is available in English, while an overview of its findings is available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic.


Entrepreneurs as Peacebuilders in Fragile States

Although peacebuilders seek out creative ways to build social cohesion, reform institutions, and change political incentives in fragile contexts, they rarely consider local entrepreneurs as possible entry points for change. This is despite the fact that entrepreneurs can – and do – substantially contribute to all these goals as part of their day-to-day activities. 
This new IFIT publication examines the various ways such actors can contribute to peace and the conditions that need to be established for them to do so. It is premised on the idea that only inside-out change can bring sustainable peace to the most difficult contexts, and that entrepreneurs offer a uniquely scalable mechanism to drive such change from within.
The publication provides analysis, case studies and a set of practical recommendations on how to leverage entrepreneurs' potential, highlighting the important peacebuilding role such actors play.

To have access to the full publication, Entrepreneurs as Peacebuilders in Fragile States, kindly follow the link.


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Fragility the Main Hurdle to Implementing SDGs

After more than two years of debate and negotiations, the United Nations will approve the adoption of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the centerpiece of its post-2015 development agenda at a summit of world leaders September 25-27. The goals are much broader and more comprehensive than the Millennium Development Goals they replace, and cover a wide range of economic and political issues, including poverty, inequality, hunger, employment, education, the environment, and energy.

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