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The Protection and Promotion of Human Security in East Asia

This book is part of the Palgrave Macmillan Critical Studies of the Asia Pacific series.

Although many of the states of East Asia have achieved startling success, not all have benefited from the region's development. Many of the most vulnerable sections of East Asian populations still face tremendous challenges in their daily lives, have yet to enjoy the rewards of the Asian Century, and may even be further imperiled as a result of the forces of development. Brendan Howe examines the measurements of success in East Asian development and governance from a human-centered perspective. He assesses obstacles to the protection and promotion of human security and development through detailed case studies of the most challenged states in the region, including Burma, Timor-Leste, Japan and North and South Korea. He looks at the roles that East Asian actors can play, and have been playing, in protecting and promoting human security at the theoretical and practical level.

Chapter 1: Human Security: Challenges and Opportunities in East Asia

Chapter 2: Human Security and Good Governance

Chapter 3: East Asian Perspectives on Human Security and Governance

Chapter 4: Human Security and National Insecurity in North Korea

Chapter 5: Conflict Drivers in Muslim Mindanao

Chapter 6: Human Insecurity and Underdevelopment in Laos

Chapter 7: Transforming Conflictual Relationships in Myanmar/Burma

Chapter 8: Rebuilding Human Security in Timor-Leste

Chapter 9: Human Security and Japanese Strategic Aid

Chapter 10: South Korea’s Contribution to the Promotion of Human Security

Chapter 11: Future Contributions to East Asian Human Security


La communautarisation de la recherche sur la sécurité

Selon le traité sur l’UE, l’impulsion politique en matière de sécurité européenne vient du Conseil européen. L’article vise ainsi à comprendre comment la Commission européenne a réussi avec une série d’initiatives, notamment en matière de recherche, à se positionner dans le champ européen de sécurité et de défense, et à y jouer un rôle déterminant. L’analyse de la configuration des relations permet de démontrer qu’en faisant un usage habile de ses atouts et de ses ressources au nom de l’approche globale, la Commission produit des effets et renforce sa position dans le champ à l’interface des acteurs étatiques et non étatiques.

Pour accéder à l'ouvrage La communautarisation de la recherche sur la sécurité, veuillez suivre ce lien.


Ombuds Institutions for the Armed Forces: Selected Case Studies

Ombuds institutions for the armed forces are key actors in establishing good governance and implementing democratic controls of the security sector. These institutions are tasked with protecting the human rights and fundamental freedoms of armed forces personnel, as well as providing oversight and preventing maladministration of the armed forces. This publication highlights good practices and lessons learned in seven case studies of ombuds institutions for the armed forces from the several OSCE states.

For full access to the book Ombuds Institutions for the Armed Forces: Selected Case Studies and to download your free electronic copy, kindly follow the link.


The Box was Happy that I was Thinking Outside of It

The Library at the Guisan Square in Bern has just electronically published the memoirs by Theodor H. Winkler in its Alexandria catalogue). The book depicts a lifespan of public service and tells the story behind the Geneva Centers and the “Maison de la Paix”. It sheds, moreover, light unto Switzerland’s journey towards a modern security policy. A printed version of the book will be published by the Library next year.

For full access to the book The Box was Happy that I was Thinking Outside of It and to download your free electronic copy, kindly follow the link. 


Practitioners' Guide to Human Rights Law in Armed Conflict

Although the relationship between international human rights law and the law of armed conflict has been the subject of significant recent academic discussion, there remains a lack of comprehensive guidance in identifying the law applicable to specific situations faced by military forces. Providing guidance for armed forces and practitioners on the detailed application of international human rights law during armed conflict, this book fills that gap.

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