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Professionals who have recently begun to work or who plan to work on SSR and/or related issues


2.5-3 days

Basic Course on Introduction to Security and Justice Sector Reform

This introductory level course is aimed at both SSR advisors and those working in related fields. It provides participants with an understanding of SSR principles and practices. Through its practical and exercised-based methodology, it provides participants with a solid introduction to international good practice, both the political and technical aspects of SSR. It underlines the main skills required to support SSR and provides the necessary foundations for subsequent courses. The course provides an overview of the various dimensions of SSR and emphasises the importance of adopting a holistic approach when working on SSR in post-conflict contexts.

The course aims to build both SSR knowledge and skills. Through an interactive and practical training approach, this course will help participants to:

  • Better understand the concept and evolution of SSR, including actors, concepts and principles;
  • Understand the international policy framework for SSR;
  • Recognize the political nature of SSR and the challenges faced when ‘supporting’ SSR processes in conflict affected or fragile states;
  • Use concrete cases to build on lessons learned and apply concepts to practice.

The following list is indicative of some of the sessions that would be delivered in the course:

  • Introduction to the concept of SSR and evolving approaches and international policy frameworks for SSR
  • SSR, from concept to practice
  • Scoping the security sector
  • Gender-responsive SSR
  • Principles and characteristics of SSR programming
  • SSR programming in post-conflict contexts
  • The role of non-state actors in SSR
  • The challenge of coordination in SSR programmes

Target audience

Professionals who have recently begun to work or who plan to work on SSR and/or related issues


2.5-3 days


The ISSAT Manual 'SSR in a Nutshell' is a complementary resource that can be used provide a basic overview of Security Sector Reform (SSR) policy and practice based on collective experience in supporting security and justice reform efforts.

You can download a copy in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

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