Women, Peace & Security reloaded - Gender-Sensitive Approaches in Peace Missions

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5 days

Women’s empowerment, protection and participation in the context peace and security have gained momentum with the adoption of UNSC Resolution 1325 in 2000. Today, almost 20 years and several resolutions, action plans and projects later, many still struggle to consider inclusivity and gender sensitivity in their work in peace operations. There is still considerable room for improvement in overcoming stereotypes about women and men in peace and security and mainstreaming gender-sensitive approaches across peace operations. At the same time, the adoption of gender-sensitive perspective and practice is essential to effective, efficient and professional practice of crisis management and peacebuilding.

Taking stock of these developments, the Police College Baden-Württemberg and ZIF are relaunching the Women, Peace and Security course, building on almost 20 years of experiences and lessons learned on gender-sensitive approaches in the context of EU, UN, OSCE and other peace missions. This course provides the essential knowledge on this topic and equips participations with tools and skills on how to develop gender-sensitive approaches and projects in peace operations.

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