Does SSR improve security in developing countries?

ssr lisa denney

Lisa Denney and Craig Valters studied the effectiveness of security sector reform (SSR) in a recently published review of international experience for the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The authors point out in the report serious shortcomings of capacity building approaches in SSR, notably the insufficiency of providing solely technical skills and the need to recognise the political roots of insecurity. 

In this commentary, the authors stress that programmes are more effective when politically aware, when adapted to the local needs and capacities, and when there is a flexible yet long-term commitment by donors. Finally, given the investment and stakes of SSR programmes, better understanding the effectiveness of different forms of support is necessary.

To access the piece Does SSR improve security in developing countries? as well as the report Evidence Synthesis: Security Sector Reform and Organisational Capacity Building , kindly follow the link.


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