Initiatives in Justice Reform 1992-2012

Initiatives in justice reform are a compendium of World Bank-financed activities in justice reform that has been published by the World Bank in seven editions since 2000. This eighth volume of initiatives in justice reform presents brief summaries of World Bank justice reform projects, grants, and research by region and by country, in alphabetical order. In their totality, these descriptions highlight the breadth of the Bank's work in this critical field of development. The importance of a sound justice sector to development is illustrated in cross country data sets such as the World Bank's Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) indicators and the World Bank Institute's (WBI) governance indicators, which demonstrate a correlation between deficiencies in the rule of law and negative economic and social development. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) annual publication doing business also provides a quantitative measure for comparing business regulations in 10 indicator sets across 183 economies. Four general themes emerge as common elements in World Bank justice reform assistance: 1) court management and performance, 2) access to justice, 3) legal information and education, and 4) justice in development.

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