Post Covid-19 Access to Justice and SSG/R

This paper is separated into four sections.  First, it puts the criminal justice crisis on the radar by explaining the nature of the crisis that is looming. Second, it makes the argument that Covid-19 does not raise entirely new challenges, but rather highlights the importance of pre-existing ones. It follows that the solutions can also be found in existing practice and principles. This suggests that a complete overhaul of the system is not required, but rather a recalibration, and in fact revalidates the need for good access to justice programming against these challenges. The third section is the most detailed, discussing trends and issues affecting the criminal justice system due to Covid-19 and where relevant suggesting possible solutions. Last, it makes recommendations for donors as regards both immediate and medium-term interventions in support of the criminal justice system in developing countries as they grapple with the fall out of Covid-19 in their ability to provide access to justice.  


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