Kujenga Amani: Peacebuilding in Africa

International peacebuilding efforts in conflict-affected countries, including the DRC, typically prioritize top-down approaches. According to Séverine Autesserre—an expert on peacebuilding, humanitarian aid, and African politics—international peace organizations rarely tap into local knowledge and expertise or consider the voices of local communities.

For episode 2 of the African Peacebuilding Network, Kujenga Amani  podcast, Séverine Autesserre, a professor of Political Science at Barnard College, discussed the overall impact of international peacebuilding efforts in the DRC, the difficulty of building peace from the top down and without input from the intended beneficiaries, and the potential for local peacebuilding efforts to transform conflict situations in the DRC and beyond.

To listen to the podcast, Kujenga Amani: Peacebuilding in Africa, please follow the link.

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