Policy and Research Papers

EU Concept on SSR 2006

The paper sets out principles and norms for the European Community’s engagement in SSR, based on current support in different countries and regional settings, the relevant policy frameworks under which the EC supports SSR, and the rationale for SSR as an important part of Community support.


UN Secretary General Report on "Securing peace and development: the role of the United Nations in supporting security sector reform" (A/62/659-S/20...

The UNSG Report testifies the growing importance SSR is getting at the global level and the need for the international community to address it in a efficient, effective, coherent, and coordinated manner. The report was submitted on 23 January 2008 both to the General Assembly and Security Council following a request by the General Assembly for a comprehensive report on United Nation’s approaches to security sector reform.

The report underlines that security, human rights and development are interdependent and mutually reinforcing conditions for sustainable peace. In addition it recognises that these fundamental elements can be achieved only within a broad framework of the rule of law. The report is built on the overall assumption that Member States and their organizations remain central providers of security and therefore that national authorities bear the primary responsibility for carrying out SSR processes that should be undertaken on the basis of a national decision. It provides an overview of the scope and content of SSR; reviews UN’s experience in supporting SSR; sets out some basic principles that must governed UN support to SSR. Potential roles for the UN in support of SSR are also identified; they include a normative (establishing international principles and standards as well as policies and guidelines on SSR, and by providing a forum for international dialogue) and operational (helping to establish an enabling environment; supporting needs assessments and strategic planning; facilitating national dialogue; providing technical advice and support to security institutions and capacity-building support for oversight mechanisms) ones. Finally, it sets up immediate priorities and makes some recommendations for an effective, holistic, and coherent UN approach to SSR.


Processing a Security and Justice Reform Assessment Request

This is the first OGN in the assessment process series. It covers issues to be taken into account when first receiving a request to assist with a security and justice assessment. It provides an overview of the main steps that you should consider in order to ensure that you have as clear a picture as possible of what is required in order to start planning, as well as gathering initial information. It assumes that the request has come from a donor, but that the national partners will be brought into the process as soon as possible, in line with commitments under the Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda for Action.