Entrepreneurs as Peacebuilders in Fragile States

Although peacebuilders seek out creative ways to build social cohesion, reform institutions, and change political incentives in fragile contexts, they rarely consider local entrepreneurs as possible entry points for change. This is despite the fact that entrepreneurs can – and do – substantially contribute to all these goals as part of their day-to-day activities. 
This new IFIT publication examines the various ways such actors can contribute to peace and the conditions that need to be established for them to do so. It is premised on the idea that only inside-out change can bring sustainable peace to the most difficult contexts, and that entrepreneurs offer a uniquely scalable mechanism to drive such change from within.
The publication provides analysis, case studies and a set of practical recommendations on how to leverage entrepreneurs' potential, highlighting the important peacebuilding role such actors play.

To have access to the full publication, Entrepreneurs as Peacebuilders in Fragile States, kindly follow the link.

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