Good Governance Makes Sense: A Way to Improve Your Mission

Good Governance is of high interest and value for military operations, because it is a key component to achieve sustained success of a mission. As a prerequisite for political ownership and therefore as a part of the desired end state, the high mission relevance of Good Governance becomes visible. The provision of NATO CIMIC with relevant information about complex situations which can’t be solved by military alone is one of CCOE’s today’s challenges and therefore CCOE is gathering knowledge about the impact of Good Governance and its implications for future conflicts. Within a comprehensive approach CCOE starts running a new project which will expand the ken about cultural influence on military operations.

It is the aim of this project to clarify the role of NATO CIMIC regarding Good Governance and to find out in which way and to what extent a specific culture influences the structures of Governance and how they can be made capable of being used in a ‘good’ way. 

As a result, the CCOE has created a properly designed Good Governance project, an enlarged network of subject matter experts and as a first tangible benefit a publication entitled: Good Governance Makes Sense – A Way to Improve Your Mission (available for download). In the short term it will be a prerequisite for further development and the creation of fundamental knowledge about Good Governance, and in the long term fruits of the project shall contribute to integrated planning, doctrine development, improvement of training and education and a better support of operations.


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