The Justice Innovation Approach: How Justice Sector Leaders in Development Contexts Can Promote Innovation

This article explains that the challenge at the core of the justice innovation approach is not how to build a good prosecution service but rather how strategic justice leaders can contribute to the innovation process so that more justice is delivered. A justice sector leader in the initiation phase must endeavor to articulate a clear vision, break the rules, and foster competition, and then manage risk, reward innovation champions, and fund early development. Once an innovation is in place, its potential for replication and scaling-up should be exploited by creating incentives, staying aware of disruptive innovations, and considering long-term business models. Monitoring mechanisms should insure that new insights are implemented in improved versions immediately. A transitioning country such as Tunisia, where a new social contract is being put in place in the midst of a difficult economic and social context, presents a window of opportunity to adopt and adapt these innovations to a local setting.

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