The Malian Crises : Thinking more broadly about the Security Sector Agenda

For the UN, the Mali deployment has been politically one of its most important to date, one of its largest in terms of numbers of deployed personnel, and one of its most deadly in terms of personnel losses.  At the time of writing, MINUSMA also appears to have been one of the least successful.

Overall, implementation of the peace agreement has been slow, uneven and flawed. The ongoing violence has made it difficult for armed groups to withdraw from certain areas, let alone disarm, and has thwarted development of the new power-sharing arrangements agreed in Algiers. As noted above, the Mixed Units to be constituted by previous opponents have not got off the ground as violence among their would-be constituent actors has continued. The impression one gains is that the political ground work that needed to be done to make possible cooperation among Malians from the centre and the North has not been forthcoming.

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