The challenges and lessons learned in supporting Security Sector Reform


This publication from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is the slightly abridged and adapted translation of a study whose original German language version was aimed primarily at German experts (published in November 2014). The starting point for the study was the observation that although support for SSR processes had been accorded great conceptual importance in German discussions on crisis prevention and peacebuilding, this rhetoric commitment to support SSR was inadequately reflected in actual policy and practice. The present publication in English contains new contextualisations relevant to a broad international readership while omitting some content likely only of interest to a German audience

The study pursues three objectives: First, it provides an overview of the concept of SSR support and analyses the most recent trends and relevant developments. Second, on this basis, it identifies the challenges confronting practitioners when implementing SSR measures and examines the solutions and strategies they pursue. Third, in light of the findings, the reasons for civil society to engage in SSR are presented along with possible approaches. The data for the study were collected from fifty-nine interviews with experts and augmented by analysis of policy papers and studies on SSR.

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