Policy and Research Papers

An Evaluation of UNDP's Suppport to the Security Sector Reform in Albania

"This evaluation was initiated by the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery of UNDP in New York. It examines the work undertaken by the UNDP Support to Security Sector Reform Programme in Albania, which commenced in January 2004. The programme is still running and so this evaluation necessarily had to evaluate an on-going process. Funding difficulties experienced by the programme prompted the evaluation to concentrate on two areas: how to consolidate the gains already made by established projects and how to develop the programme further in order to improve its contribution to communitybased policing in the Republic of Albania.

Subsequent sections of the report examine the objectives and activities of the programme and
provide a detailed analysis of its outcomes. The report presents a series of recommendations that emerge from the findings of the evaluation."


Monitoring and Evaluation Arrangements for the Support to Security Sector Reform Programme in Albania: A Case Study

This report assesses the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) arrangements for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project entitled ‘Support to the Security Sector Reform (SSSR) programme in Albania’. Research for this project was carried out in Tirana in May 2008. It is one of five case studies carried out as part of the Saferworld project, 'Evaluating for Security: Developing specific guidance on monitoring and evaluating Security Sector Reform interventions’.

Together with a wider desk review and supplementary research into the broader M&E systems used by the major SSR donors, the case studies provide an evidence base from which specific guidance on monitoring and evaluating SSR can be developed.


Other Documents

Programme Design: Assisting Sweden to design programmes to support Community Policing in Albania

ISSAT has reinforced Sweden in its support of the MoI and ASP over the past five years to develop Community Policing in Albania. The first mandate in 2010-2011 was to help design the programme: Swedish support to Albania on Community Policing (SACP). It focused on three areas:

1) support for the identification and start-up of a performance management mechanism for the ASP;

2) partnership development, including youth and police partnerships; and

3) tackling domestic violence.

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