Support to EU in The Gambia

08/10/2017 - 31/01/2018

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In October 2017, the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs mandated DCAF-ISSAT to support multilateral organisations in launching international support to SSR in The Gambia. Consequently, a DCAF-ISSAT Senior Advisor was deployed to the Gambia for a 2-week mission to backstop the EU Delegation in supporting the drafting of the SSR General Assessment by the Gambian Technical Working Group, in coordination with the UN and ECOWAS. This Assessment was finalised in December 2017 as a first output of the national SSR process. In the course of this deployment, DCAF-ISSAT liaised with the WB team conducting a PER of the Security Sector. As a follow-up, the Swiss authorised DCAF-ISSAT to deploy for a second mission in February 2018 to assist the EU and the WB on how to increase international donors’ leverage and effectiveness in promoting a sustainable Security Sector.

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