Workshop on SSR in Post-Conflict Contexts

Ireland mandate in Ireland 05.05.2015. - 05.05.2015.

This seminar will bring together experience and lessons from international support to security and justice reform including from sub-Saharan Africa, South Eastern Europe. It will include examples from UN, EU, as well as bilateral development assistance programmes.

 The audience for this seminar would be staff from across government engaged in providing assistance to UN and EU field missions, working on countries affected by conflict and insecurity, including the Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Defence, the Irish Military College and An Garda Síochana (Ireland's National Police Service).  


SSR Outreach and Advocacy to Programme for Human Resource Development in Asia for Peacebuilding

Ireland mandate in Japan 11.02.2014. - 21.02.2014.

Ireland has requested assistance from DCAF/ISSAT to support a series of training, outreach and advocacy activities with the Japanese government and non-governmental organisations on SSR capacity building and awareness.  


The events include support as a facilitator for the “Programme for Human Resource Development in Asia for Peacebuilding,” an initiative by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to enhance capacities for peacebuilding in Asia. In addition seminary will be hosted by the National Institute for Defense Studies and the Japanese Peacekeeping Training Centre on SSR


Capacity Development for Civil Servants on Using Security Sector Legislation

Ireland mandate in Timor-Leste 24.10.2011. - 28.10.2011.

This is part of a larger project supported by Irish Aid which includes the translation of 20 key Timorese security sector laws into Tetun the lingua franca of Timor-Leste. The translated text will enable access to and understanding of security sector legislation by a broader segment of the population, thus enabling a strong democratic dialogue around security sector development.   

In order to maximize the benefits of the translation, Irish Aid is working with a local NGO Fundasaun Mahein to conduct training for civil society actors on using security sector legislation. ISSAT was requested to provide support through the provision of one advisor to the process with SSR experience and a good knowledge of Timor Leste.