Contribute to the identification of possible projects of members of the Common Effort Community in the Sahel G5

Netherlands mandate in Netherlands 15.09.2019. - 16.10.2019.

Common Effort training aims at creating a strategic knowledge platform for developing comprehensive approaches toward building effective interaction and cooperation between civil and military organizations in order to address the multiple dimensions of fragility and conflict.

DCAF-ISSAT to contribute and facilitate through interactive, panel-based sessions a strategic (and regional) SSG/R perspective into the programme.  


Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (NESA) - Workshop on “Changing Nature of Conflicts”, Casablanca (Morocco).

Netherlands, USA mandate in Netherlands, USA 17.06.2019. - 20.05.2019.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands supports the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (NESA) and the US Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAFRICA) in the planning and execution of a Workshop on Changing Nature of Conflicts in Casablanca.


The 3-day seminar (17-20 June) will focus on changing threats in the region and more specifically on how best to organize and professionalize the various security elements to best meet those threat and the realities of shrinking security/donor budgets.


SSR & VE course

France, Netherlands mandate in Netherlands 04.02.2019. - 08.02.2019.

For 2018 it was foreseen to develop and execute the SSR&VE pilot in the Hague.

The prep phase was done, however due to time constraints within ISSAT the pilot foreseen for 2018 was replaced to 4-8 February 2019.

The costs for this pilot were budgeted at around 30.000 for 2018. During a meeting with Victoria Walker the Dutch MFA requested if we could use that amount in 2019 for the pilot, since it was replaced. Ms. Walker shared with us that this is possible if we write up this new mandate.


International Police Advisors Masterclass

Canada, Netherlands, Norway , UK mandate in Canada, Netherlands, Norway , UK 15.08.2018. - 30.11.2018.

The programme will be run from 29th October to 9th November 2018. The aim is to enhance participants’ effectiveness in the role of senior strategic police advisor to international police reform initiatives, through exposure to experienced actors in the field of police reform or security sector reform. The Masterclass programme uses case study methodology to enable participants to consider alternative perspectives in a variety of international police settings. The Masterclass also lays the foundation for active participation in a peer group community of practice that will help develop the field and offer a continuing source of professional support.

In addition, DCAF ISSAT will attend the Police Master class executive board meeting in Scotland on 9 November 2018 to review the future development of the Police Masteclass. 


Advanced course on SSR – November 26-30 2018 – The Hague, Netherlands

Netherlands mandate in Netherlands 22.07.2018. - 21.12.2018.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will organise a five-day advanced training course on “Security Sector Reform (SSR)”, in The Hague, Netherlands from November 26-30 2018.

The course will be carried out in partnership with DCAF/ISSAT. This advanced five-day training programme will bring together approximately 25 participants from the Dutch government (12), NGOs (5) as well as ISSAT and the African Union (8 for both). The identification of the participants from the African Union will be facilitated by ISSAT.

Topics to be addressed will include concept, policy framework and contexts of SSR, governance, justice and defence reform, police, effective advising on SSR as well as cross-cutting issues such as the human rights and gender equality standards.

Indeed, special attention will be paid to the introduction of practical examples through case studies. Interactive co-learning methodologies and simulation exercises that encourage participants to share their own experiences will be used throughout the course.

Regarding the case studies, Somalia was selected as last year’s country-case for several group exercises. There is a possibility to consider also Iraq/Syria or Mali.

Several guest speakers are expected to be invited during the course (one hour per guest speaker).