SSR programming methodologies

01/01/2020 - 31/12/2022

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Over the past 8 years, ISSAT has collected and refined security, justice and governance reform related methodologies and guidance products from its various engagements on behalf of its Members, ensuring they remain anchored in the latest emerging learning from  field-level implementation. ISSAT is continously updating existing methodologies with new tools, updated approaches in line with emerging priorities for SSG/R including prevention and stabilisation priorities. Additionally, ISSAT's knowledge and outreach team focuses on building methodologies for programme cycle steps, suffering from scarce guidance, such as lesson learning, programme design and donor mapping.

The objective of ISSAT’s project cycle management methodologies is to give its Members' programme staff, systematic approaches that can be adapted to their contexts and management processes, but nonetheless provide clear frameworks for personnel coming from diverse backgrounds to effectively work together as a team, thus building capacities but also operationalising the principles of good practice for SSG/R.

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