ESDC Core (Advanced) Course on Security Sector Reform (SSR) - FINCENT, Finland

Monday 03 June 2019 Session

03 June - 07 June 2019

This 5-day ASSR residential course runs in collaboration between DCAF-ISSAT, FINCENT and the ESDC, aims to enhance the skills, capacity and strategic thinking of participants on SSR principles through the sharing of views and experiences in SSR trends and practice. It will highlight issues such as the principles and characteristics of SSR, enhancing governance and oversight of security and justice institutions, the linkages between justice and police reform and the development of national security strategies. The course will also develop soft skills and will focus on the role of an SSR advisor. The course also develops soft skills and will focus on the role of a SSR advisor. Focusing on practical exercises, case studies and role plays, this intensive course helps participants understand the challenges relating to SSR and helps elaborate possible solutions to common roadblocks.

At the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Apply analytical and problem-solving skills to consider SSG/R challenges in a specific context,
  • Translate into practice the learning acquired to effectively improve how their institutions support SSR/G in the field.
  • Build a practical understanding around the concept and key characteristics (1-2-3) of SSR, based on debate, discussion, exercise and case studies;
  • Enhance skills required for effectively supporting SSR programmes;
  • Examine various aspects of SSR including justice, police and defence reform and the interlinkages between these components;
  • Identify key lessons and latest trends from practical SSR experiences;
  • Engage in dialogue and experience sharing with fellow participants, facilitators and external experts. 
03 June - 07 June 2019 (5 days)