Academic/Degree programmes in International Policing?

03/03/2015 @ 09:45
by Janine Rauch

ISSAT has worked with the Police of Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Norway and UK for five years to deliver an annual Masterclass for Senior Strategic International Police Advisors from those countries who work internationally on SSR and Organisational Development initiatives. We are interested to learn about degree programmes which may complement this initiative and we have recently - thanks to a Masterclass alumnus - found the MSc in International Policing at the University of South Wales in the UK, a Masters degree which is delivered online.  see it  at

Does anyone on the Forum know of any other degree programmes in international policing? Thanks.

Janine Rauch

12/03/2015 @ 14:24
by Iman Simon

Dear Janine,

I came across this Masters, and it is from Australia with a flexible open university schedule:

Hope this helps somewhat.

24/05/2015 @ 07:55
by Janine Rauch

Thanks v much Iman Simon