Ministry of Security and Justice, The Netherlands

The Ministry of Security and Justice is responsible for maintaining the rule of law in the Netherlands, so that people can live together in freedom, regardless of their life-style or views. The Ministry is working towards a safer, more just society by giving people legal protection and, where necessary, intervening in their lives. We sometimes have to take radical measures: divesting parents of parental responsibility, for example, or putting convicted criminals in prison. We also give people new prospects: for example, we help prisoners return to society and provide support for victims of crime. These are all measures that only the Ministry of Security and Justice is entitled to take. The law is about people.

Telephone: +31 77 465 67 67
Fax: +30 (070) 370 79 00
Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie Schedeldoekshaven 100 2511 EX The Hague
The Hague
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