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Mid-term review of the project “Introduction of a Full-Scale Probation Service in Ukraine"

Norway mandate in Ukraine 15.04.2019. - 06.06.2019.

The purpose of the review is to focus on progress to date and whether the project is likely to achieve the expected outcomes.  The review should assess the potential for achieving the expected results within a certain timeframe. The review should make recommendations concerning a possible prolongation of the support beyond 2019 or an exit within the end of 2019.

The review and its recommendations will be informing the final decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the future of the project.


IGAD National Training Workshop to Support Sudan in Formulating Security & Justice Sector Reform (SSR)

mandate in 08.03.2020. - 12.03.2020.

Following the submission of a comprehensive proposal for DCAF’s collaboration with IGAD’s Peace and Security Division and a successful pilot phase in 2019, IGAD’s Security Sector Programme (ISSP) has currently requested ISSAT to reinforce the capacity of their team delivering a five-day Training Workshop to support Sudan authorities in formulating S&J reform. This activity is part of the implementation of IGAD’s ongoing regional Peace and Security Strategy.

This support contributes to a strengthened African Peace and Security Architecture on SSR, as well as to improving IGAD’s assistance to its MS. This assistance incrementally builds the DCAF-IGAD partnership, contributing internationally to SDGs 5, 16, 17.


Training Workshop on Formulating/Updating the Security Sector Reform (SSR) and Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) Strategies for Sudan

mandate in Sudan 01.05.2020. - 31.05.2020.

The specific objectives of this national training workshop are:

  • To train 38 officials from the relevant security and justice institutions on formulating and updating their comprehensive national SSR and DDR related Security strategies;
  • To provide a platform for national and regional technical experts to jointly reflect on their SSR and DDR priority areas identified in their National Security Policies (NSP) and to further compare with AU and IGAD Peace and Security Policy Frameworks that have been formulated;
  • To assess and review the existing related National Security Policies and Strategies; as well as respectively evaluate their implementation and key possible gaps;
  • To explore ways for IGAD, AU and UN, on their complementary roles and responsibilities, to assist the State in updating and implementing its strategies and initiatives;
  • To engage experts from national security institutions, AU and UN to jointly develop and update SSR & Reintegration strategies at the national level as they are interrelated, based on the identification of relevant local and national SSR & DDR stakeholders;
  • To enhance the required skills of participants and provide inspiration on the best practices of formulating and updating SSR & Reintegration strategies by involving resource persons with great wealth of experience and knowledge

SSR today and Norway's role in the international arena

Norway mandate in Norway 26.02.2015. - 26.02.2015.

ISSAT supported Norway to get an update on the status, trends, challenges and opportunities in international SSR and through a common understanding facilitate the SSR-work cross government. The seminar contributed to the follow up of the document "Framework and guidelines for Norway's SSR-efforts" developed in 2014.

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