Swiss Armed Forces International Command SWISSINT (SWISSINT)

As the national superior authority of all peace support operations abroad, the Armed Forces International Command SWISSINT is in charge of all human resources planning and management, recruitment, support and control, and training of individual staff members and contingents as well as being responsible for the equipment of deployed soldiers, logistics for abroad, budgeting and credit management, the public relations involved and mission assessment.

SWISSINT commands around 300 officers, non-commissioned officers, privates and civilian staff members serving in more than a dozen missions in Europe, Africa and Asia. The engagement ofSWISSCOY since 1999 in support of KFOR in Kosovo has become the symbol for all missions abroad. Among others this contingent is composed of an engineer platoon, a transport platoon and a support company. Since April 2010, the EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) and the LMT (liaison and monitoring team) have been added to SWISSCOY.

In other countries throughout the world military observers, staff and liaison officers, military advisers and demining experts are serving on behalf of the United Nations (UN), the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) or the European Force (EUFOR) as individuals or in small teams.

SWISSINT is under direct command and control of the chief of the operations staff of the armed forces. SWISSINT follows the political guidelines of the Swiss Federal Council and / or the parliament as well as the guidelines of the CO of the armed forces.

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SSR in PSO - Introduction Course on PSO (ICPSO)

Switzerland mandate in Algeria, China, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Switzerland , Thailand 30.04.2015. - 01.05.2015.

The course will bring together approximately 25 participants who wish to develop key skills and competencies for future field deployment in Peace Support Operations. The target audience includes military personnel from various countries (in past years e.g. Switzerland, Thailand, China, Jordan, Algeria, Serbia and Kazakhstan).

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