Anícia Lalá

Head of Advisory Field Support

Anícia Lalá is the Head of Advisory Field Support  at ISSAT. Anícia also leads the portfolio of collaboration with the African Union. 

Anícia has twenty years of cumulative international security cooperation experience, with combined practitioner, policy analysis, and academic skills in peacebuilding, conflict resolution, international politics and international political economy. Her focus of work has been on assessments, lesson learning, knowledge development and management, evaluations and capacity building. She has carried out assignments in the context of EU, UN, AU, SADC, ECOWAS, OECD, and CPLP work on the continuum between security and development.  Within SSR thematics Anicia has undertaken work on defence, justice and RoL, institutional building, political engagement, donor coordination, non-state security and justice provision, oversight and accountability, local ownership and change management.

She is a founding member of the African Security Sector Network (ASSN) and served on its Executive Committee over a number of years. Earlier on she worked as Deputy Director for Africa at the Global Facilitation Network for SSR, at Cranfield University, UK.  Previously Anicia held an advising and lecturing position at the Higher Institute for International Relations, and was an analyst and advisor on defence policy and international cooperation at the Ministry of Defence of Mozambique. Anícia holds a PhD in international security studies, from the University of Bradford, and a MSc on peace and development, from the University of Gothenburg. She has several publications in the fields of conflict resolution, democratisation, international security, post-conflict reconstruction, and security sector reform.

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