Bjorn Holmberg

Björn Holmberg

Current Position
Founder at Swedepeace

Past Positions
Country Director, Sida and Deputy Head of Mission at Swedish Embassy in Guatemala
Vice Chair of the Network on Conflict, Peace and Development Cooperation (CPDC) of the OECD Development Assistant Committee (DAC)
Head of Division at Division for Peace and Security, Sida
Advisor and Coordinator of the Advisory Team on Peace and Security at Division ofr Humanitarian Assistance, Sida

Positions in Donor Mechanisms
2008, President of the Group for Coordination of Development Cooperation (GCC/G-13), which comprises the 14 main bilateral and multilateral donors to Guatemala.
2005-2006 Vice Chair of the Network on Conflict, Peace and Development Cooperation (CPDC) of the OECD Development Assistant Committee (DAC)
2005, Chair and organizer of the Conflict Prevention and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Network (CPR) Annual Meeting. CPR comprises the major global bilateral and multilateral donors.

1998, Ph.D. in Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University
1989, Infantry's Officer Academy, Halmstad

More than 20 years of field and HQ experience on issues related to peace and security from a theoretical and a “hands-on” perspective (research, Swedish Armed Forces, private sector, the UN Secretariat, Sida, the Swedish Embassy in Guatemala, and the OECD);

Acknowledged skills in converting theory to practice and vice versa and to integrate other perspectives such as gender equality, child rights, democracy, environment etc;
Deep-seated methodological and results oriented approach to planning, execution, and evaluation (project, programme, sector);

Long and multifaceted experience in management and organizational development;

More than two decades organizing and executing capacity building for different target groups (Government representatives, students, multilateral agencies, diplomats, civil society from South and North, military, police, customs etc.);

Excellent “know-how” of political dialogue related to conflict management and resolution as well as the processes surrounding appropriation, alignment and harmonization (Paris Declaration/AAA, Accra);

Deep knowledge and strong capacity of peace and security issues: conflict prevention and resolution early warning, , conflict sensitivity (“Do No Harm”), dialogue, reconciliation, justice and security system reform (JSSR or SSR), small arms and lights weapons (SALW), reduction of armed violence (AVR), disarmament, demobilization and re-integration (DDR).

Swedish, native language
English, fluent
Spanish, fluent

Case Studies

Promoting Local Ownership Through a Thematic Assessment in Guatemala's Justice Sector

In 2005, an intense national dialogue was taking place in Guatemala on the dramatic increase of homicides. Several donors tried to strengthen the National Civil Police’s and the Public Ministry’s capacity to investigate and prosecute homicide cases. There was a tremendous lack of knowledge regarding the weaknesses and strengths of the justice and security system in this area and there was no baseline to inform better programming.

Case Study

Other Documents

Developing a Theory of Change for Justice and Security Sector Reform in Honduras

ISSAT and Swedepeace had a standing engagement in Honduras since 2013 providing technical assistance to the Swiss Agency for Development and Corporation (SDC) and their partners in civil society Alliance for Peace and Justice (APJ), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Secretary of Security of Honduras (SEDS). The Swiss JSSR Team supported the SEDS in their strategic planning by training on and applying a theory of change (ToC). The ToC process was a timely tool for this exercise, as it provided an opportunity to internally reflect on their current planning process and how it will impact externally. The process also allowed for a common understanding for base line to be developed as well as the definition of a desired end-state.

Kindly find the mandate report attached. 

For more information on the mandate Backstopping Support to SDC Honduras (2016-18), kindly follow the link. 

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