Thematic Evaluation of European Commission Support to Conflict Prevention and Peace-building

This evaluation has been commissioned by the Evaluation Unit in DEVCO on behalf of the European Commission. It assesses European Commission support to CPPB, as defined by the 2001 Commission Communication on Conflict Prevention (COM(2001)21) and subsequent documents. It covers all support provided during the period 2001-2010 and in all regions where Commission support is implemented, excluding OECD regions and countries and any that fall within the mandate of DG Enlargement, as well as any support provided by ECHO. It concerns a total of €7.7bn of funds contracted by the European Commission over the period covered. This evaluation aims at providing an overall independent assessment of the Commission’s past and current cooperation for conflict prevention and peace-building and at identifying key lessons with a view to improving current and future Commission strategies and programmes. It covers the five DAC evaluation criteria, as well as EC added value and the “3Cs”.

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