DCAF Factsheet: Increasing Security Sector Accountability in Mali

In the aftermath of the 2012 crisis in Mali, Security Sector Reform (SSR) emerged as both a vehicle for and a precondition of post-conflict recovery and reconstruction, crucial not only to the immediate survival of the State but also to sustain long-term peace in the country and in the Sahel. DCAF, working in Mali since 2009, has been particularly involved in providing strategic and technical support to the SSR process in the context of the 2015 Algiers peace agreement. DCAF’s programme “Enhancing Security Sector Governance in Mali, 2017- 2020” seeks to support Malian stakeholders in creating democratically governed, effective and accountable security institutions as a foundation for sustainable peace and development.

Download the factsheet below to find more on DCAF's engagement in Mali. 


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